If A Member of MMA Were A Crayola, They’d Be…

By Dave Madden @DMaddenMMA

Conor McGregor

“The Notorious” Conor McGregor (17-2-0) professed to the world that the Irish are not just taking part in the UFC, they are taking over; McGregor is the first in a swath of Irish, male and female, entering the Octagon, and he will be the first to get a crack at UFC gold. A stain so telling of McGregor’s status amongst MMA’s elite would be a canvas smeared in green. The spot-on shade of green will: raise an envious eyebrow; wave high with pride; sit neatly in bundled piles of particular denominations; signaling that it’s go time!

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 6.35.10 AM


A disgusting side of people that can be sensed a mile away. Maybe you’re proud of an accomplishment? Maybe you sounded a bit boastful? If so, that green-eyed monster will be there to try to tear you down.

McGregor has been wreaking havoc in the UFC’s featherweight division: calling his shots, circling himself in a bullseye, and now taking the main-stage at UFC 189. Screams of, “How did he get the title shot?” or “He talked his way there!” There was no finding the end of the rainbow on McGregor’s journey. He played the game, and now patiently waits, like a kid on Christmas morning, for his gift: a world championship.

It seems nobody talks like McGregor talks; they don’t they tink like he tinks, nor are they fancied in tree-piece suits.

Others have even tried to tear down Ireland’s pride with mockery videos of their own.

Green can generate a great appearance when worn correctly, though not when envious feeling are lurking.

Country’s Pride

Ole, Ole-Ole-Ole, Ole, Ole! Reverberating off the walls at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand on July 11, 2015. Can you feel it? Sense it? UFC 189 is fast approaching, so be ready! McGregor is bringing his green-thumb for the fight game, and he will see band after band of orange, white, and green because Ireland will be in attendance.

McGregor wears the fact that he is the first MMA athlete from Ireland to challenge for UFC gold. The main event is a milestone in the Irish history books, and McGregor plans for more success to come to his countryman’s combatants.

With the rally of an entire country, McGregor can stand tall, a lone tree fenced in by a lush, green forest, realizing that he will vie for the belt, win it, and return it to the Mother Land; thereby, fostering an interest for other Irish conifers to emulate McGregor’s feats.

Money, Money, Money

Why do we do anything? We want a return. Some achieve that deposit via personal satisfaction. Others, like McGregor, prefer stacks of cash to pile up around them. Although Mcgregor admits the self satisfaction he is rewarded from compiling wins in the UFC, he doesn’t shy away from the fact that he wants Dana, Lorenzo, and Uncle Frank to sign over those bonus checks.

A prize-fighter, like a prized archer, aims for the green apple target above the opponent’s head; instead of placing an arrow there, a fighter, especially with McGregor’s power, makes stars appear. These premier athletes know what their performances are worth, and McGregor doesn’t hesitate to let it be known.

Benjamins, scrilla, moolah, dinero, green-backs: Any adjective preferred; they all fit nicely into one’s wallet.

Green Means Go!

Those who possess a driver’s license understand the signals of the road: red means stop; green means go; and yellow can have several interpretations. When the light turns green, everyone begins to move, but they do so at varying speeds. McGregor’s light turned green in the UFC, and he was off like a rocket ship; no need to administer the friendly application of the automobile’s noisemaker.

Riding a five-fight win streak in the UFC into his bout against the pound-for-pound greatest in the UFC, McGregor anticipates putting the pedal to the metal, no waiting for the grass to grow. Since entering the Octagon, McGregor has resembled Babe Ruth in his ability to call his shot. Pointing out to Fenway’s Green Monster, what sort of finish does he picture for McGregor?

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 6.54.01 AM
Reaching into a box of Crayola Crayons, McGregor is certainly most suited as green. Maybe you’d highlight McGregor using a different color, but the UFC’s fastest growing star is one you don’t want to miss when he designs a beautiful display of mixed martial arts using a rainbow of color!

crayola wax crayons

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