If A Member of MMA Were A Crayola, They’d Be…

Ovince Saint Preux

Ovince Saint (St.) Preux (18-6-0), also known as OSP, is a light heavyweight who enters the UFC’s Octagon with a caution sign affixed to him, as others should proceed with care. Proudly representing his alma mater in the recognizable University of Tennessee (UT) orange, St. Preux has progressed up the rankings to find himself in the sixth-ranked slot. In ancient Confucianism, orange was the color symbolizing transformation; St. Preux’s metamorphosis in front of UFC fans has been remarkable to say the least. If painting a description of St. Preux’s performances in the UFC, the artist would find it necessary to incorporate vast overtones of orange. Orange and OSP correspond perfectly: they are unlike any others; education is spotlighted; they allow for Trick-or-Treating; and his actions speak louder than any words, so all other competitors have been fore-warned.




Orange is a word that rhymes with no other, unique in such regards. St. Preux stands alone as relating uncommonly to the style of any other light heavyweight, present or past, in the UFC. His efforts stamp statements with each outing; rhyming aside, they are exciting displays.

At UFC 174, St. Preux forced Ryan Jimmo to tapout because he had broken his arm in what he described in his post-fight interview as a “chicken-wing.” A submission unfamiliar to most prior to this particular contest, but it made everyone hungry to watch future cards with OSP versus: fill-in the blank.

As the sun dips below the horizon, and the sky is kissed with tints of red, yellow, and orange, these are the scenes when we find ourselves wishing: just five more minutes…? So is true with a St. Preux stoppage. Some may try to speculate that OSP’s two previous finishes were as special as Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, though he aims to prove that similar punishments can be doled out all year round.

The predictions for UFC Fight Night Newark, New Jersey favored Patrick Cummins’ wrestling pedigree over the skillsets harnessed by OSP to combat such an attack. Cummins quickly migrated across the cage, like a Monarch Butterfly west of the Rocky Mountains making its way to the eucalyptus trees of Pacific Grove, California, knowing just where to land his takedown. Quick as you run to your television to not miss the newest episode of Orange Is the New Black, St. Preux thwarted being stifled to the mat, turning the fight in his favor, and earning the TKO finish.

When OSP headlined UFC Fight Night Uberlandia, Brazil versus Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, there were questions raised about the matchup’s validity. As sure as the carotenes in pumpkins, apricots, and carrots are good for you, St. Preux stayed focused on his game plan and dropped the living legend, spilling blood from his nose like a leaking container of Sunkist orange juice. Next thing you know, you are using your orange highlighter to spotlight the dates on your calendar when St. Preux will next appear. In the time it takes to bloom a California poppy, OSP will again be the main attraction at UFC Fight Night Nashville, Tennessee against Glover Teixeira (22-4-0) on August 8, 2015.

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University of Tennessee

Deeply rooted in its history, UT has been etching its name as a powerhouse in college sports since 1932. Waving the UT banner, UT’s orange bleeds from OSP as he represents his devotion on his shorts. UT’s orange hue is unlike any other shade, unless a specialist in Home Depot’s paint department carefully concocts a mixture. Although OSP will happily volunteer his services to face a UFC counterpart-always striving for the win and bonus, he finds more enjoyment in wearing the hearts of the many who call themselves Volunteers. In a production leading up to UFC Fight Night Bangor, Maine, a portion of St. Preux’s training was captured while he piqued in UT’s training facility. No subliminal messages about what shade of orange means the most to OSP.

The only way St. Preux would taint UT’s orange is when the gold in the UFC’s championship belt clashes oddly against his shorts when Dana White wraps the UFC’s light heavyweight title around his waist.



The black and orange decorations of Halloween prepare you for the frights and excitement that accompany the evening. Just as someone pays to enter a haunted house to get the hairs on the back of their neck to stand-up, a similar sensation occurs when running up the cable bill with a pay-per-view event to watch an OSP bout. The spine tingling sensation comes from knowing that OSP’s only decisions in the UFC were in his UFC debut, a win over Gian Villante at UFC 159, and his loss to Ryan Bader at UFC Fight Night Bangor, Maine. When Bruce Buffer announces one of the corners as having OSP, either red corner or blue corner, though St. Preux would prefer orange, an MMA fan knows they’re in for a treat, no tricks. Also, right before OSP steps foot in the cage, he can pass out buckets to the judges and tell them to go Trick-or-Treating because their services, likely, won’t be needed.



When you are speeding along on a curvy road, buzzing by all the signs that advice of potential dangers, you can only blame yourself for not taking the necessary precautions when disaster happens. OSP has been climbing the light heavyweight ladder and similarly dispatching warning signs to his peers in the division: finishing five out of seven UFC pairings.


Reaching into a box of Crayola Crayons, Ovince Saint Preux is certainly most suited as orange. Maybe OSP signifies a different color to you, but being one of the UFC’s top light heavyweights makes him one you don’t want to miss when he designs a beautiful display of mixed martial arts using a rainbow of color.

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