Going to the Movies with Titan FC 35 Welterweight: Trey Ogden

For ten dollars, not including, popcorn, soda, and arcade games, moviegoers detach from reality, euphorically seated in rows with torn ticket stubs pocketed. For the same cost, MMA fans can purchase a one-month subscription to the UFC’s membership site: UFC Fight Pass, a destination to bear witness to a talent pool bubbling to the surface of MMA’s ranks. On September 19, 2015, Trey Ogden (2-0) will make his Titan Fighting Championships (Titan FC) debut at Titan 35: Healy vs. Hawn, and he is intent on not playing the role of an extra. Ogden visited Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner as a special guest, and he declared any money deposited at the movies should not gain interest when it comes to any investment as an up-and-coming mixed martial artist.

Photo credit to http://www.titanfighting.com

Beginning his undefeated career with two submissions, Ogden read lines from the script he was writing for himself in his fast approaching welterweight bout against Ryan Walker (4-1),

“I’ve got some things I’ve had in my mind that I’ve been doing during training: combinations, certain moves or movement patterns, or what not that I’ve spent tremendous amounts of energy to be sufficient against a high-level opponent.”

Loading up the car and rushing to the theatre, fighting for parking, and sticking to the floor seems considerably less appealing than resting comfortably on the couch and logging into UFC Fight Pass to not miss a moment of Titan FC 35. Unlike the actors and actresses on the silver screen, Ogden seeks suggestions for his performance,

“I’m really looking forward to getting these things out of me, getting the combinations to stick, getting some feedback on it, and make adjustments.”

During his interview, Ogden shared an anecdote from his training after watching the movie Troy (2004). For those interested in capturing the documentary produced of this moment, you will want to push the slow motion function on your player because it’s difficult to determine if he’s more excited about his freshman Titan FC outing or the story he shared with Jon and Mike,

“When Brad Pitt was Achilles, there is that opening scene where he [Brad Pitt] is really little and there is that really big guy, and he runs at him and does a sideways jump, Superman, back of the neck thing. So I watched that movie and got all hyped up, and I had like two or three amateur fights.”

Like most cinematic classics, you know the ending before the credits scroll, but you remain seated and intrigued because you don’t want to miss out on the ability to confirm or deny any of your predictions,

“I got to the gym, and I decide I’m going to punch somebody off that same angle; I’m in midair, and the dude just threw a straight right; and I landed flat on my ass. I hit the ground on my back; I jumped and never landed on my feet.”

For those shouting, I knew it, you need to keep it down until the lights in the theatre reappear. It was a short-lived career as an actor that will hopefully prolong his career as a mixed martial artist, hence learning,

“That was my movie move. It doesn’t work.”

Next time Ogden replicates a maneuver discovered from A-list celebrities seated in darkened Cineplex, he’ll leave it to his stunt double because the bright lights of the Titan FC cage shine on moments as real as it gets.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 6.28.09 AM
Photo courtesy of Trey Ogden

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