Jon Ferguson: It’s Time For Us to Be In Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner

Jon Ferguson (1-2), co-host of Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner, produces a podcast on a weekly basis with his partner, Mike Ryan, swinging open a cage’s door for everyone. The introduction sets the tone for the show. Beginning in his own corner, Jon motions for us to cross the threshold,

“Welcome one and all to Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner.”

Mike, Jon’s cornerman, meets Jon where he awaits action to begin and supports the greeting with great advice. He’s aware that, and wants to share with you before the round’s intermission concludes, the show is,

“MMA from a different angle.”

Jon models the pulse of the show by feeding the horses of others’ carts first, so they will suffer fewer bumps; all in the hopes of further strengthening scaffolds that promote and develop the sport,

“And before we kick off with our usual saga of laughter and serious professionalism, we’re going to start by asking you all to jump onto Facebook, and Twitter, the lot really, and give some of our esteemed colleagues a follow. Because their hard work not only helps us and yourselves, it really just helps MMA grow.”

Photo courtesy of Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner

With all the support Jon and Mike have mustered up for their circuits of guests: listeners, competitors, or otherwise, it’s time for us to attend their corner, as Mike will be wrapping Jon’s hands and extending his rounds while Jon is contracted for battle at Lion Fighting Championships (LFC) on September 27, 2015.

Photo courtesy of Jon Ferguson

Based out of the Isle of Man, Jon and Mike have formed a kinship around MMA that is tighter than any cage’s link. Their passion for MMA reverberates through the speakers with each conversation. Jon admitted to these fits of enthusiasm,

“When we are around each other we can just flow quite quickly with each other. I do sometimes remind myself to slow down. It’s just one of those things where we can talk quick because we know what we are saying, but we understand that people in the U.S. might not quite get it.”

Over the last few episodes, Jon and Mike sat down with, seemingly, every fighter on the Titan Fighting Championships (Titan FC) card, Titan FC 35: Healy vs. Hawn. In the exact same manner Jon attempts to close any accented gaps, he directed where to find him on fight on fight night,

“The fight is in Rochester, which is in a place called Essex. If you could imagine Essex, it would be like a state in America.”

No matter the topic, Jon and Mike are constantly searching for ways to delve deeper into all of MMA’s bends, spotlighting: athletes, organizations, referees, judges, commentators, or anyone else who adds layers of knowledge to those who fancy topics extending beyond the boldest headlines that scroll across the top MMA news feeds. Don’t think these two fanatical students of MMA only agree; in fact, Jon would contend that their contrasts create a collaborative connectivity,

“We always disagree, but we need that. We need that clash for it to work. If we both sat there and both agreed all the time, I don’t think you get that devil’s advocate. It helps build a great debate; you need to have a north and south.”

 The same collaboration will be conjured up when Jon enters his welterweight affair against Martyn Harris.

Photo courtesy of Jon Ferguson

Adaptability is key to success. Jon’s openness to blossom as a fighter is illustrated when he and Mike exert boundless range, scheduling interviews with individuals in the middle of the night,

“We will interview guests, when they can make it. We’ll work around them to help make it easier on their schedules. I’ve interviewed people at 3 o’clock in the morning, my time, and it’s probably only two in the evening there [United States].”

Another aspect of adaptation is a willingness to listen and incorporate newly discovered thought processes, meshing methods into your own madness. Jon highlighted how the ringing of the bell fires him up as much as the incoming ringtone of his most recently slated MMA personality,

“I get really excited about guests; meeting new fighters or CEOs, whatever angle they’re from. I get quite into it; I get quite excited about it! They’ll just partly inspire you, just touch you in a way that sticks with you. There are conversations that you have with people that you don’t forget. I just don’t get tired. I get amped.”

As the podcast nears its 73rd episode, Jon will be packing considerable knowledge into his punches and takedowns. Zeroed in on the task at hand, dismantling Martyn Harris, Jon’s outlook of the podcast resembled what occurs when a couple of solid wins are strung together,

“It [the popularity of the show] snowballed a bit quicker than we thought it would. Now, it’s gotten to a point where I have more guests than I could have imagined on. We’ve reached out to over 90 counties now, which is quite nice.”

What if things continue to build steam? Jon responded,

“We talked about YouTube, do a video recording and post them to YouTube. Again, it’s all about time, and there’s a lot of time there. I think we’re just looking to continue slowly growing.”

Photo courtesy of Jon Ferguson

After Jon’s upcoming fight at LFC, he has already penciled in future matches for November and December. Excited for his own horizon within MMA, Jon stays grounded in the words he and Mike captured from John Godden, a UFC commentator out of the UK. Jon recited his words,

“John Gooden said, ‘It’s great because you’ve got your own bit of the market. You do it your way. You’re not trying to be like everyone else; you do your own thing.’”

Jon recognized the show’s style and read the scorecards submitted by the both of them,

“We are going to stick to our ways.”

Jon and Mike extract genuineness out of their guests, and, as fans would opt for the fighters’ time inside a five-minute preset, they also refuse to hold anyone back, free from judgment. Jon plans to impart similar character traits of verbal sparring on the podcast to live rounds inside the Casino Rooms Night Club. Detailing the framework of discourse with Jon and Mike, Jon laid out their expectations,

“Anybody who comes on the show, we say, ‘Anything goes!’ If you want to say it, you can say it. When we had Ian McCall on (link here), it was absolutely priceless, but he wouldn’t get away with it [things shared] on other shows. We kind of like that. We never want to restrict our guests. People who give interviews; they only want certain personalities out of their guests, so they’ll ask generic questions. We never want to ask the guests generic, boring questions. We always want to try to go a little bit off, a little bit wayward, and get a little bit more out of them. We want the people to listen to these interviews with these fighters and hear the person.”

Covering so many junctions in MMA, one would imagine that Jon couldn’t possibly support any other corners, though he also stands behind his country as a trained Royal Marine, simultaneously training to join the Parachute Regiment. In response to the numerous moments Jon and Mike have espoused their warm wishes upon fighters on their big day, a greeting card has been passed around the office for all to sign, and it reads:

We don’t want to wish you luck because it’s about the hours of work that have gone into your preparation. Instead, we want you to have fun.

Have a fun fight!

Photo courtesy of Jon Ferguson

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