Chazz “The Hybrid” Walton: He Means What He Says

When an interview alone doesn’t strike you as worthwhile, weigh one’s words against their actions. Chazz “The Hybrid” Walton (2-0) garners considerable hype as a top prospect out of Marietta, Georgia, a town just outside of Atlanta, yet this young pro, like a veteran, recognizes that hype is intangible; therefore, “The Hybrid” engineers something tangible by welding the teachings of others with his own hard work and dedication to the sport of MMA. Recently, Walton checked in with MMA Mayhem Radio, episode 179, to discuss his upcoming lightweight bout at Legacy Fighting Championships (Legacy) against Josh “The Anaconda” Millwood (1-1). Pairing Walton’s interview with a scroll down his social media outlets (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) and a simple search on YouTube, his actions breathe life into what he predicts will take place at The Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia when his enters the cage on a nationally televised broadcast, AXS TV, at Legacy 47 on October 16, 2015.

Photo courtesy of Chazz Walton

Walton wakes each day hungry, ready to take on the challenges presented in a twenty-four hour block. He slips on his snakeskin loafers and side-winds his way over to the breakfast nook for the most important meal of the day:

Loaded up on Wheaties and consistently ready to tangle with any foe, Walton willingly admitted,

“I told him [Jesse Wable, matchmaker of National Fighting Championships (NFC)] I’d fight a bear!”

Since “The Anaconda” consented to the matchup, Walton’s woes of fighting controversy were flattened,

“As long as I don’t have any issues with PETA; I don’t need them giving me any trouble.”

First and foremost and last but not least, the primary voice whispering into Walton’s ear is God:

With Walton’s belief system in the audience’s wherewithal, they were validated in his ability to not stray outside of himself; for instance, when the hosts of the MMA Mayhem Radio attempted to stir up some mayhem, rehashing comments issued by Millwood, a guest on the show’s previous episode (link here). Walton whimsically responded,

“To be honest, those are pretty general statements. Regardless of who I was fighting, they would say something like that. Nobody is going to come in and say, ‘Well, I definitely don’t want to go here with him, so…’ It’s just talk; it’s just chatter. I’m not worried about it.”

Training at KnuckleUp Fitness, Walton, without wishy-washiness, exerts whatever level of force is necessary to balance the weight of his words:

Photo courtesy of Chazz Walton

Walton, a studious whiz, whittled out the holes in Millwood’s words, leaving them as weak and hollow threats,

“Saying, ‘If we stand up, one of us is getting knocked out.’ You’re basically saying that I could knock you out. I think he knows that in his heart. He knows I’m the better fighter.”

Wonderings whoosh around in Walton’s mind as to who will prove a worthy test:

Knowing he only has himself to beat, those who tuned in could imagine Walton’s bearded grin stretch from ear-to-ear across his face when he wielded an axe and cut the final bit of pre-fight promo in retaliation to Millwood,

“I’ll be excited for him to bring it to me; I’ll welcome it with open arms.”

Riding two straight wins as a pro and five straight dating back to his time as an amateur, Walton intertwines the perfect ratio of modesty with rising up the ranks toward MMA’s grandest platform, the UFC. “The Hybrid” attracted the wayward eye of Dana White at NFC 75 when he whizzed a head kick into his opponent and ended the fight in a matter seconds, every tick off the round’s clock was captured by White seated cage side:

How does Walton not let such praise wash away his focus?

“It’s awesome and definitely motivating, but I don’t want it to go to my head, you know?”

Walton doesn’t shy away from the driver’s seat of his career, and he outlined the steps he’ll take to close the wedge between here and there,

“I still want to train hard and strive to be the best that I can be-all around. It’s great; it’s exciting; it definitely gives me a little bit of extra incentive. I’m going to keep grinding and keep pushing hard until I reach my goal of either making The Ultimate Fighter or the UFC.”

A whirlwind of emotion becomes the stillness in the eye of the storm once the referee welcomes engagement:

Whether or not the next phase for Walton is the UFC, he wailed his gratitude for his current lot in life:

Win, lose, or, draw, these two gritty lightweights are looking to turn the heat up in Hotlanta when they walkout to the main card of Legacy 47. Rest assured that Walton wants nothing less than victory, but the outcome is willed to a higher order in his life,

“As always, I trust in God’s timing.”

Photo courtesy of Chazz Walton

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Twitter: @TheHybrid89


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