Dear MMA Podcast

Dear MMA Podcast,

Of all the social media outlets and news flashes that light up the Internet, something remains absent. My case is evidenced when “Notorious” Nick Newell (13-1) appeared as an esteemed guest on Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner in the wake of his recent retirement from mixed martial arts. Fast-forward to the 10-minute mark of episode 77 to get situated in a scene that only the audio from an MMA podcast could present.

Photo courtesy of Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner

During his time as a professional fighter, Newell answered questions of what many perceived as a physical wall too imposing to scale, competing on the most physically demanding platform with seven-eighths of the attack. On fourteen occasions, Newell, single-handedly, thrust 116% of his heart, mind, soul, and aggressive attack into a world of prizefighting. 29 years young, the MMA community staggered a bit at the news of Newell’s decision to retire following his win over Tommy Marcellino at World Series of Fighting, WSOF 24.

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The Internet sourced an array of MMA news sites for my cursor to hover over, angling my contextual understanding to surround Newell’s decision:

Even with embedded quotes, facts, and statistics, the line-by-line narration leaves me to mold meaning independently. When it comes to landmark changes in MMA’s topography, such as Newell’s retirement, the back and forth exchange that occurs between Podcaster and Podcastee soothes my wild imagination.

Communication platforms such as Twitter promote chit-chat, though, without voice on either end of the keypad, something falls a little flat:

Of course, each message is read with good will and the sweetest intention, but a character limit confines what shouldn’t go unspoken.

Photo credit to Google Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, and tapping into Newell’s Instagram, fans could collect several chapters worth of praise:

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Thus, MMA podcasts fill in the missing piece described by Shel Silverstein (1976).

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Not all podcasts measure up to my demands as an MMA fanatic, but one such show, Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner, definitely meets my needs. Always in support of any who bleed MMA, Jon and Mike leave the script at home and speak from their hearts. Normally, Jon prefers to dig into the meat and potatoes of topics, and Mike can be counted on for humorous insight, accessorizing conversations with witty banter and colorful jokes. With hosts who strike a balance, my fanfare fulcrums on discussions that genuinely pull back the curtain and personify a backstage interview I’d choose for myself.

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Newell’s visit to Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner obviously affected Mike because his somber tone said it all: You will be missed in MMA. All the stories, Tweets, and pictures issued a similar sentiment, but broadcasted through a medium such as SoundCloud, Stitcher, iTunes, or Spreaker, it resounded clear as a bell. The attention Mike paid to Newell evidently lifted his spirits,

“I didn’t know people felt that way about me, and the impact, I guess, my career has had on them.”

For those who prefer to engineer their knowledge base using only social media and websites, the verbal volleying Mike and Newell shared should serve as a reminder that conversation is still a necessary art form,

“It was really special, and it made me kind of sad.”

Voiceless collections of data scream that something isn’t right without the stream of a favorite podcast. From beginning to end, audio vacuums, also known as podcast listeners, suck in the entirety of who, how, and why. In powerful fashion, Newell openly relayed the tug of war he endured to reach his decision,

“Some people don’t want me to [retire] and think I have a little more left in me, but my body really disagrees with that. It’s been rough. These past three training camps have been really hard on me. I’ve had injuries in the past, but they just keep reoccurring. I spent most of my training camps doing rehab, so…”

Newell’s voice trailed off with a slight chuckle, affirming for MMA fans: If there was any way of maintaining a high-level in this sport, he wouldn’t hesitate. He continued,

“I think that’s the time to take a step back and reevaluate what you’re doing. For me, it’s time to start focusing on the other things in life that will help make a future for me.”

Because of MMA podcasts, I could hear Newell accept the praise he deserved in a setting that invites me to pull up a chair. In case the views and downloads aren’t recognition enough, let me be clear: No text or jpeg can fully recreate the bounty yielded by MMA podcasts.

Your MMAniacal Fan,

Dave Madden


Check out this episode of Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner and others at:

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