Home Is Where the Cage Is: 99 Word Flash

After a visit to Carrot Ranch on November 11, 2015, Charli Mills (@Charli_Mills) prompted her visitors thus:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a place of comfort that is a refuge.

Here is what I came up with:

Home Is Where the Cage Is

Odd as it may seem, my place of comfort stares through the fencing of an MMA cage-any shape, any size.

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Everything outside of the steel walls drops to a hum at the sound of the bell, muffled by a collision course set by the world’s most extreme athletes.

Photo credit to forum.bodybuilding.com

Like Pavlov’s dog, I slobber at the sight of fancy footwork, crushing power, slick submissions, or valiant efforts.

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Space and time dangle in five-minute segments. Each second of 300 is baited in the breath of unknown anticipation.

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Will I exhale in sighs or disbelief? A solace washes over me either way.


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  1. Knowing a couple of MMA competitors, they say, “home is where the mat is.” I think any elite athlete or fan finds a refuge in the sport. My daughter was an elite gymnast and I began to respond to the smell of chalk and gyms, the excitement before a meet.

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