Tyler Diamond: Round By Round on His Home Turf

Assuming his place atop the throne at King of the Cage (KOTC): Home Turf on March 19, 2016, Tyler Diamond (4-0) scaled the fence to admonish the masses who filled The Showroom in Oroville, California’s Gold Country Casino. Diamond, a native of Oroville, broke down his opponent, Tyrone Henderson, in the same manner he intends on breaking out of the regional MMA market. Round by round, spectators witnessed Henderson, like brittle briquettes of coal, crumble to dust under the relentless pressure of the hometown superstar.

Photo courtesy of Tyler Diamond

Round 1

All of the explosive cheers welcoming the pride of their city detonated seconds after the bell. There were no small-town secrets in Diamond’s strategy; constant aggression pulsed the pace of the contest.

Ordinary became extraordinary when typical takedowns became earth-shattering slams. For instance, Diamond, at the onset of the round, pitted Henderson against the fence, hoisted the outsider from Chicago, Illinois over his shoulder, and buried him into the Lucas Oil red corner.

Henderson, a crafty submission specialist with a tank full of gas early in the opening round, locked in a Kimura and cranked with more torque than tagged on Diamond’s shorts. Many, in the exact same predicament, would have exited such a manipulation of the joints, but Diamond was prepared to pass out one-armed hugs to his guests, if push came to shove. Turned out, technique paired with brute strength lubricated Diamond’s escape, and he pummeled Henderson from above until the round concluded.


Round 2

After a minute to regroup, a blur streaked in the direction of the blue corner, and Diamond wrestled Henderson down to his second home: the canvas. Henderson, armed with plan B’s blueprint, determined tactics on the ground were futile.

Diamond, comfortable in his haven, torpedoed into Henderson’s torso for another patented Division 1 drilling, but he couldn’t lose sight of all the necessary dangers in his neck of the woods. Switching up the effort to submit, this time from the feet, Henderson hunted for Diamond’s neck, threatening with a guillotine choke. Pushing forward with the horsepower of a tractor, Diamond completed a trip and secured half-guard. Unwilling to separate his clasp and be forced into Diamonds’s element, the Team Alpha Male (TAM) standout discovered the key to unlocking Henderson’s grip: repeated right hands pumping like pistons and burrowing between the ribs.

From this point forward, time ticked off the clock and Diamond riddled Henderson with an artful tapestry of tenaciousness, wherever the positioning ventured.


Round 3

While most return to the third round on depleted reserves, Diamond’s intensity surged.

Yet to face the decision of judges, Diamond mined for the finish, and, digging deep, he planted Henderson back to the floor that would, soon enough, outline his final resting place. To avoid the absorption of Diamond’s ground and pound, Henderson rolled around as a fish out of water.

Uncorking shots from the next town over, Henderson, finding an inch of space to breathe under the rain of KOTC leather, shimmied his way off the mat, but sensing wounded prey, Diamond, the humanitarian, finished the job. Heaving Henderson back to the ground and feverishly smashing him with punches, knees, and elbows, Cecil Peoples, the referee, waved off any further abuse.


Once pulled away from Henderson’s carcass by the ref, all of the tension in Diamond’s face and corded muscles fell to the floor when he bowed to the crowd. Stamped with the quality fresh approval of TAM, the farm-raised featherweight with a flawless record, before family, friends, and fans, defended his homeland in the featured slot at KOTC: Home Turf. Finally, reaching for his Instagram account (link here), Diamond took to social media to set the stage for his future in MMA,

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