R.I.P to mmagoldfighters.com

There’s gold—of the MMA variety—buried amid the rolling landscape of El Dorado Hills, California. I spent nearly a year panning, polishing, and feverishly promoting the mix of amateur and professional martial artists flying under the banner known as MMAGOLD. Much like my own personal blog, which is here—so welcome in case this is news, houses everything as an ever-evolving gallery, the same was true of my efforts to showcase the team at the dot com I birthed for them. After nurturing the website’s—in addition to its coordinating social media platforms—development from the very first keystroke, I couldn’t simply allow it to crawl into the digital ethos and die once I walked away from my position at the helm of mmagoldfighters.com‘s command center; therefore, I, until recently, kept it on life support.

Thinking back, the content I published at mmagoldfighters.com, especially knowing what I know now about websites, social media, image editing, and podcasting, would look, hopefully, a step or two ahead of where I began if I were to hit the reset button on everything—the collateral damage with having hindsight. Rather, I held onto possession of that domain—long after leaving the team to focus solely on my NorCal MMA project, located at norcalmixedmartialarts.com—with the emotional attachment as that of an irreplaceable scrapbook.

It’s certainly silly to some how a small sliver of cyberspace could fill such a tremendous slice of my heart—but it did. I was invited aboard MMAGOLD’s media team, though, aside from a couple photographers who came into view every once in awhile, I was the media team. Regardless, I embraced what, at the time, seemed like a unique opportunity and ran with whatever amount of leash I was granted.

The young squadron, in my opinion, was—and still is—primed with tons of potential in the realm of prizefighting, ranging from competitors contracted with promotions so popular their cages have names to others eager to acquire several rounds worth of experience as up-and-coming amateurs. The wide array of abilities, an active roster, and a strange brew of personalities provided an ample supply of topics to explore further.

In order to publicize material about the team in a more desirable manner, I was forced to become more fluent in areas that would have otherwise remained completely foreign, such as: photography, videography, graphic design, and podcasting—just to name a few. The trials and tribulations I went through in functioning as an MMA team’s media manager helped immensely when establishing a foothold of my own—either here or at norcalmixedmartalarts.com—yet I’m still waiting for the speed bumps to end. The learning process is fun, but when you’re asking a room full of heavy-hitters to do interviews, video segments, podcasts, or anything else over and over again because of pilot error, I was grateful they didn’t begin using me as a punching bag.

The truth is, I wanted an insider’s peek into the behind-the-scenes operations of MMA, even if only focused on MMAGOLD, and my role as their digital town crier gave me just that—sometimes receiving a bit more than I really ever imagined. More important than a career-defining bout coming to fruition or, unfortunately, falling apart, training, injuries, and presenting any dazzling, up-to-date information at mmagoldfighters.com, I found it empowering to sift out, according to the site’s fluctuation in numbers, what did and what did not satiate the team’s rabid fanbase.

All the views at mmagoldfighters.com obviously vanished when I decided to break from the golden flock as a lone wolf, supporting all the teams and athletes—instead of just one in particular—surrounding Northern California and the Central Valley at norcalmixedmartialarts.com. I packed so much energy into cultivating MMAGOLD’s web page that I didn’t want to erase it from existence, at least not right away—I actually believed at some point that I was going to maintain the clever domain, in addition to its annual cost, forever.

In the end, forever is, once again, proven to be never, but the memories, combined with a handful of relationships, I hold near and dear won’t ever be deleted—nor will wordpress.com charge my credit card a yearly fee to store them.

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