Check-In with @DaveMMAdden: Episode 3

In this episode of the podcast, I was joined by Sean Lennon, host of The Fightlete Report, to review UFC 230.

Although there were interesting facets to UFC 230 to discuss, as are most cards in the world of MMA, the fact it was a per-per-view mystified both of us. We looked back on primarily UFC 230’s main card and predicted the future for both the winners and losers. Lennon and I also tried to scan the horizon for what’s next in the sport to grab our attention.

The show streams live from 7 to 8 pm PST on Thursday and Sunday evenings, so I hope to see even more people participating in the next episode! If, for some reason, you missed the live stream, the show lives forever where it was streamed live, and it is also uploaded in an audio-only format to Podbean.






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