Discussion: What Is the Biggest Problem Facing MMA’s Development?

Sure, I could post a poll on one of my social media accounts as a means of gauging the MMA community’s temperature about particular topics surrounding prizefighting. Problem is, a simple click of the screen while on-the-go doesn’t help me understand why a vote was cast in such a manner; moreover, a limited amount of characters in some cases, a twenty-four hour shelf life, and the tsunami of apps that aren’t surfed by all in cyberspace—believe it or not prevents a deep dive into the root of the problem. I created my blog—this blog—as a place for me, along with any readers I collect along the way, to explore the alluring world of physical confrontation on a canvas.

Instead of a shallow thought being tossed into a bottomless well of some generic post appearing in your MMA news feed, it would be invaluable for people to opine freely in the comments section of my blog on a given topic. Several features from social media would still exist, such as: anonymity (if desired) and the ability to receive and offer responses to others.

The question:

What is the biggest problem facing MMA’s development?

I’m enthralled by mixed martial arts, and it’s plainly clear that there have been numerous adjustments to the game in its twenty-five year tenure; in fact, it’s evolution continues before our eyes on a daily basis—sometimes for the sport’s betterment, other times not. I often catch myself wondering: what is required to propel MMA forward?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this page!

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