Spend Fight Day with Me! #BearRiverFC7

Forget #UFCArgentina or one of the 300 other MMA events occurring this weekend, and follow the violence I’ll be bringing you on my NorCal Mixed Martial Arts Facebook page (link here) at Bear River FC 7.
I’ll be live streaming all the entire event from the Bear River Casino Resort in Lolita, California on the NorCal MMA Facebook page when the opening bell rings at 6:30 pm PT. As I’ve discussed before in previous blogs and podcasts, my tenure as a self-actualized “media guy” is nearing its end, so Bear River FC 7 will be one of your last opportunities to spend a day following an event covered by me. The final event I’ll be provide coverage of under the NorCal MMA banner is scheduled for December 8, 2018: Panda Cup 6.
This afternoon, I’ll host, alongside Michael Humphrey, an episode of Check-In with @DaveMMAdden about Bear River FC on my YouTube channel (link here). Humphrey was scheduled to enter Bear River FC 7’s cage tonight in his last contest as an amateur, though his opponent, after weighing-in the night before, opted to back out, leaving Humphrey, and all his fans, without a release.
I’ll also fire up the NorCal MMA Facebook page just before the canvas gets soaked in blood to preview all the excitement these amateurs will deliver.
I hope everyone will join me in what should be a memorable fight day!
Bear River FC 7’s lineup includes:

Dom Isaiah (Dragon House) vs. Tony Ramundi (The Lost Boys) in the welterweight division

Hack Culling (Independent) vs. Eric Smith (The Lost Boys) in the light heavyweight division

Cesar Noel (Dragon House) vs. Walter Craig (Independent) in the featherweight division 

Jummah Muhamed (Dragon House) vs. Fletcher McCovey (The Lost Boys) in the featherweight division

Joe Davis (Dragon House) vs. Mayo Rodrigues (Far West MMA) in the lightweight division

Tony Nugyn (Dragon House) vs. Cody Walsh (Savage Den) in the bantamweight division

James Whestone (Independent) vs. Austin Moore (The Lost Boys) at a catchweight (210-pounds)

Eddie Davilla (Far West Martial Arts) vs. Jacob Hodge (The Lost Boys) in the lightweight division

Kacey Sanders (Kovars MMA) vs. Dylan Miles (Mendo Training Center) for the Bear River FC Light Heavyweight Title

Ray Mazyck (Independent) vs. Tyler Watkins (The Lost Boys) for the Bear River FC Featherweight Title

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