Check-In with @DaveMMAdden: Episode 14

During the latest episode of my podcast, Check-In with @DaveMMAdden, I was joined by Austin Moore and Joe Kropschot, a pair of up-and-coming prospects you should, in my opinion, place on your radar.

Moore, an amateur from California’s nearly northernmost tip in Humboldt County, recently drained the life of his opponent with a lead-plated left hook at Bear River FC 7. I was in attendance for this event, live streaming the evening on my NorCal Mixed Martial Arts Facebook page (link here). When Moore entered from backstage, the crowd roared with support; upon leaving his opponent’s carcass on the canvas, the decibels, somehow, skyrocketed even further! Moore discussed his latest knockout, training with The Lost Boys, what’s next, and much more with me.

With two wins and no losses as a professional, the sky seems to be the limit for Kropschot. A middleweight out of El Niño Training Center and Team Santos Jiu-Jitsu with the squeeze of a heavyweight, Kropschot strangled his last opponent, Favian Gutierrez, shortly into the opening frame at Dragon House 30. His progression through the amateurs, and now pros, has been nothing short of flawless, and this young savage shared with me the only place sees himself in the sport: at the top.

Episode 14 of Check-In with @DaveMMAdden streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.




An audio version is also available on Podbean.


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