My Story Doesn’t Have to Stop at Instagram

Nowadays, when someone says, “Cool story, bro!,” I, especially on my Instagram page (link below), don’t take it as an insult; in fact, those choosing to thoughtfully engage with my social media are sure to make me feel as though my story is cool enough to subtract some of the scorching heat from a Brock Lesnar USADA sample.

A feature available when posting something on the IG story allows users to pose a “question.” Questions from followers are sent in a manner that only the account’s pilot can see—until shared. Since I’m, more often than not, trying to share a chuckle with my followers—though I’ve been known to swing and miss—I wasn’t sure how many people were curious about my actual opinions on topics. Of course, many of the memes I create capture my honest-to-goodness perspective; however, some are a very skewed sense of where I may truly stand.

To my surprise, I was inundated with questions—definitely more than I had anticipated. Although the occasional troll would crawl out from under their bridge and into my story, the bulk of participants appeared genuinely interested. As diligent as my attempts are in answering everyone’s question, several are certain to slip through the cracks—my apologies if that’s ever your experience.

Some questions are best suited for short, playful quips, modeled best when I recently asked, “What’s your favorite team sports fight?,” following a vicious knockout, delivered by Tom Wilson To Jamie Oleksiak, I found online from a professional hockey game:

When I posted a broad, unrestricted query, much like IG’s default: “Ask me a question,” my aim was to truly highlight what’s locked in my headspace about the game of MMA. Several of my recent responses include:

Many of the questions I have flooding my inbox wish for me to highlight: pound-for-pound rankings, next steps for promotions or particular fighters, and thoughtful advice I may be asked to share; unfortunately, these topics can be far too complex to explore as an IG story. If you ever so wish to furrow through these issues, as well as others, any further, they bubble to the surface on a regular basis during episodes of my podcast: Check-In with @DaveMMAdden.

I hope to find more followers joining me as I opine freely during episodes of my podcast. My show streams live every Sunday at 7 pm PT on my Facebook page (link below) and YouTube channel (link below).

I’m available all over the web:

Twitter: @DaveMMAdden

Facebook: @DaveMMAdden

YouTube: Dave Madden

Podbean: @DaveMMAdden

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