It’s A Meme, Not A Conversation Starter

According to, a meme is, “an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media.”

It’s all fun and games in the land of MMA memes, until your favorite fighter gets posterized as a digital piece of graffiti.

I share in tons of laughs alongside MMA fans from around the world when posting memes online. The subjectivity of humor means: sometimes, I’ll strike your funny bone with precision; whereas, there will also be instances when I miss the broad side of a barn—not even a chuckle!

Regardless of whether you crack a smile or split open your side, when one of my memes finds its way into your crosshairs, I’ve been in the exact same position while visiting some of my favorite MMA meme accounts. The difference is: when a normally stellar meme page misses the target, I don’t have my finger on my keypad’s trigger, eager to fire an emotionally robust counter-strike into the comments section.

Relax. It’s not that deep.

Although I enjoy recycling prepackaged images from Google to highlight a salient point, which I tend to do much more frequently on MMA Twitter, I feel a greater twinge of artistic fervor while attacking a blank slate.

Using a small collection of free apps, a handheld device can become your own personal laugh factory. I’m no photoshop extraordinaire, but I can summarize the thousands of words I may have on a particular topic into a single frame. Memes, mine or otherwise, are not hard-hitting reports or shouting from a soap box of facts—at least not all the facts. For those with heavily researched rebuttals to a perspective being shared as a punchline, might I suggest you launch your own meme page, breathing life into MMA as you see fit—rather than simply trying to suck the air out of everyone’s sails with negativity and an unrelenting desire to bicker.

I’d urge anyone interested in exploring how to begin filling cyberspace with time-sensitive pictograms—or participating in other areas of media, including podcasting or journalism—to visit a previous blog, titled: Some Ideas for MMA Media’s Social Medias.

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