The Dawn of A New Username

Ever build a tower of legos and some bully turns it into a heap of plastic rubble, pushing the colorful, well-engineered structure to the ground? I experienced a similar strain of emotions when my Facebook and Instagram accounts were recently disabled.

Yes, I broke the rules of Facebook’s and Instagram’s terms of services, highlighting my favorite sport via social media—the only vehicle that casts your voice like a net around the world. Truth is, the shutdown of my accounts was a matter of when, not if. My pages, @DaveMMAdden, hosted numerous videos and other MMA content considered to be copyrighted since its inception; moreover, I had witnessed other pages vanish from existence because of older videos collecting dust in their feed, somehow, triggered the piracy police. I had come to grips with the fact: my social media’s demise rested somewhere on the horizon. 

Whether or not I was braced for such a banishment, an eerie discomfort arose when I was unable to access my own personal echo chamber. It was as though the locks to my house were changed while I was away; I was now, without any social media, networkless.

I greatly enjoy creating things, either digitally, on a canvas, or using some other medium; therefore, the idea of returning to square one wasn’t nearly as daunting as it may have proven for someone else. The worst part of the entire situation was having the door to thousands of followers slammed in my face. I created a new Instagram account, @MeMeAmusement (link here), and wondered how long it would be until I reconnected with many of them.

The wait wasn’t long. 

Though I’m still many, many followers away from where I once was, the outpouring of support from the MMA Instagram community overwhelmed me a bit. When a single individual sings your praises into the digital ethos, you momentarily feel weightless, floating around on a fluffy cloud of positivity; when a mass mob attempts to lead meme aficionados in your direction like a bunch of breadcrumbs, it can send you over the moon. 

Thank you to everyone who went out of their way to assist in the reconstruction of my page’s following. I’m eager to watch the walls of my new home, @MeMeAmusement, rise upon the solid foundation that’s been laid. 

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