Flash Stream: Frame

Social media has me thinking a lot. More specifically, my lack thereof over the past few days has me thinking more than usual. 

As I say “thinking more,” I, more specifically, mean: thinking more about a wider range of topics. My focus since entering social media’s eclectic environment approximately five years ago has become extremely myopic. Previous to usernames, hashtags, followers, etc…, it is fair to say that I had, and presently still have, an unhealthy, obsessive fanfare with mixed martial arts. Social media, however, unlocked a vast, seemingly limitless portal into the sport, which hypnotized me and drew me further into the abyss. 

Though floating around within this vacuum of cyberspace has had its perks, I realized the persona I had manufactured online—which we all do to fit within the frame of a handheld device—distorted the portrait of my reality. In all honesty, I didn’t like who I had become (quite possibly a topic to delve into at greater lengths with future blogs).

Any differences I’ve noticed since limiting my social networking are mild, but differences nonetheless. Several observations include:

  • The nerves in my eyes and thumbs weren’t completely frayed by the end of the day.
  • I read way more!
  • I created blogs, such as this one, that weren’t themed around only MMA.
  • Less procrastination.
  • Tuning in closer to my surroundings, such as admiring the scenery on a trip to the ocean.

Of course, there are similarities to blogging and posting on social media, but, I’d argue, they stand on polar opposites of a similar spectrum. Much like a car can range from an electric Tesla to a gas-guzzling Dodge Charger, social media possesses the sensation of painting by numbers versus a blog allows for varied strokes with a robust pallet on a wide, open canvas.

I’ve never been one to color within the lines, and the idea of cracking the borders I’ve inadvertently constructed around myself sounds like the dawn of a new beginning. Let the demolition begin!


Stream of Consciousness Saturday—SoCS

6 thoughts

  1. Social media is like a Catch-22. I find myself wanting to be free of it because of the time it eats up and the headaches it can produce, yet I enjoy keeping tabs on long-distance friends, sharing photos, blogging, etc. I’ve purposely had to commit more time to reading, yoga, and being with people, so that it doesn’t overtake my life. So, I hear you on this one.


    1. I created and have always used my social media to interact with MMA. I have a really addictive personality, so it just consumed me. I’m not off it completely; that’s for sure. I have just been amazed at how much will power it takes to not repeatedly return to the social media pages throughout the day. My new attitude is still a work in progress…


  2. This is a good post. I have begun to limit the time I spend. I think these things expand and contract during the year. Right now, I’m busier and social media gets less attention.


  3. What an encouraging post. I get closer and closer to scaling back social media — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram jockey for my attention, and I’m sure I could be much more productive if I just used that time for “real” things.


  4. “the persona I had manufactured online” Double edged sword that.
    I’ve sometimes lament that I never “embraced” social media like some people I know. But then I ask myself – do I really care? Yay! to reading more. That’s when you know something has to change, when you stop reading 🙂
    Thought provoking post, Dave. Here’s to demolition!

    P.S. Thank you for the follow.


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