Six Sentence Story: Wave

“Your pitcher’s a bum!”

Such blatant disrespect of the team, in their own backyard, had become a common occurrence as of late, especially after stringing together several losing seasons in a row.

When the Giants were on top—winning Championships, or at least regular bids in the playoffs—such outbursts would be met with a Budweiser shower, a hotdog to the side of the head, or even the force feeding of a knuckle sandwich, which always led to the “outsider” being escorted out of building by security and the fan defending the team’s honor was revered—as if he’d just won a championship prizefight—as he returned to his seat.

Now, there’s only one thing that brings this stadium together…

“Get ready. It’s coming…,” you’ll hear buzzing in surrounding sections to prepare those around them.

Immediately after leaping to their feet and cheering in unison, everyone quickly returns to their misery until the wave, once again, made its rounds.


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