Flash Fiction: He’ll See You Now

Photo credit: Arum Sharma on Unsplash

During the first few visits to the office, Joe reeked of rage, like a cheap cologne.

The entire office staff, and anyone waiting patiently, was well aware that Joe had arrived because the door would blast open once a week, rattling nerves as a well as the chairs, which could be heard dancing upon the hardwood floor.

Joe never would have volunteered himself to see a therapist, but an ugly divorce and custody battle forced him to complete an Anger Management course along with a year of counseling if he wanted his half of the time with his children.

Fifty-two weeks later, Joe calmly opened the door, greeted Betty at the window, and quietly found a seat in the lobby to await his turn.

“Well Joe,” began the Doctor, “you seem to have truly gotten a grip on your emotions since we began our sessions. I’m more than happy to sign off on your rehabilitation and get you back to being with your kids.”

Although Joe, and those around him, recognized his personal transformation, the words were more comforting than he imagined. Before Joe left, he scheduled another appointment for the next week. 

Word Count: 186


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