Flash Fiction: The Train to the Next Town

Photo credit: Sandra Crook

It had been one month, to the day, since Dean last sold a piece of his art.

Dean wasn’t the only one struggling; in fact, everyone in the city had met their toughest times when the most important tourist attraction—a stone castle known as Lord McMurphy’s Mystery House—unexplainably, was reduced to a heap of rubble. The questions continued piling up, while the number of answers still remained zero.

But alas, Dean wasn’t the first to leave, nor would he be the last. Slowly, but surely, the city was becoming a ghost town—one train departure at a time.


Friday Fictioneers

6 thoughts

  1. This summer I visited a town that revitalized itself when the people living their realized that tourists like walking around in the rubble.


  2. What the town could use is a Scooby Doo team to investigate the castle and see if nefarious forces are at work that can be stopped before things get worse. I like the mystery you set up in your story.


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