Six Sentence Story: Pad

“9-1-1: what is your emergency?”

“My wife is covered in blood and doesn’t seem to have a pulse!” Jon shouted into the phone’s receiver. “Please come quickly!”

Shortly thereafter, several detectives entered the kitchen where Jon, a loving husband to Renee for the past seventeen years, was soaked in his wife’s blood while holding her lifeless body.

“I came home from work and found her like this,” Jon screamed to the detectives through heaving sobs.

One of the detectives pulled out a pen and pad.

“We have some questions we’d like to ask you,” he exclaimed while the other two pulled Jon to his feet and walked him into another room.


Six Sentence Story

12 thoughts

      1. Eleven SENTENCES. Write compound. I know that’s definitely not thriller/detective novel style, but you know, you get a lot more words that way.


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