Social Media Anonymous: Meeting #2


In the first Social Media Anonymous meeting, I detailed social media becoming a place that had soured me with toxicity. My goal, at that point, was to access the apps—namely Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook—far less frequently. Unfortunately, my addictive personality never allowed me to smoke one cigarette without being keenly aware of how many remained in the pack and the euphoric sensations stuffed within each death stick, and the only way to kick the habit was quitting cold turkey. Social media is simply a digital version of an infinite pack of cigarettes that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s social media or cigarettes, both are cancerous to your health.

I only birthed myself into the virtual dimension of mentions and hashtags because I wanted to participate more actively in the world of MMA. I wrote articles for various media outlets; worked alongside a local MMA team in Northern California; opened what I was doing with the team—publishing blogs, hosting podcasts, and editing videos—to the region as a whole with a website I engineered, branded NorCal MMA; and made memes as a content creator at Rokfin, a paywall site offering monthly subscribes a wide range of material. Each of these ventures blossomed with the use of social media, but the negatives associated with them wilted any interest in pursuing my journey through MMA’s online matrix.

Initially, I tried deleting the apps from my phone, thereby forcing me to only open them via the laptop, but this preventative wall crumbled with a habitual flick of the thumb, bringing light, for no reason at all, to the phone’s darkness; moreover, the urge to post something on Instagram would, eventually, send me to the Apps Store, where I’d reinstall the program, share my importance with anyone in my algorithm, and repeat the cycle. 

No more.

Since erasing myself from cyberspace’s ethos, I have watched a couple MMA events. Of course, I brainstormed comments or memes in the moment, but the impulse to share the buzz between my ears on the Internet had flatlined.

Maybe at some point, I will create some social media accounts to coincide with a blog I spawned unrelated to MMA, A Teacher’s Essays, but, for the immediate future, I’m comfortable shutting down all the accounts that provoked me to become an unsocial curmudgeon because I was constantly hypnotized by the glow of my phone.

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