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In the world of social media, everyone appreciates a new follower jumping on board. I’m no different.

When I first created this blog,, my thought was to break away from contributing MMA articles for other sites. Shortly into my new adventure, however, I realized how little people cared about acquiring their “MMA news” from a Dave Madden blog, especially with countless other options available in cyberspace—with more of an appearance, in both name and logo, as a news outlet.

I wasn’t defeated, but I had to rethink my strategy. It was at this point I created my NorCal MMA site and social media, where I traveled the lengths of California to cover all the amateur and professional combat I could. I also, simultaneously, neglected this blog.

After a couple of years of playing wannabe MMA journalist, I decided that wasn’t the game I wished to be a pawn in any longer, detailed at length in a previous blog—54 Reasons Why MMA Media Isn’t for Me (link here), and I deleted everything related to the NorCal MMA brand.

I took a lengthy break from engaging in the MMA space for a couple reasons: one, my Facebook and Instagram page were disabled due to copyright infringement issues; and, two, I wanted to deeply examine what I’d do if I chose to return again.

Well, I came back with, which contains all the pieces I hold near and dear: writing, memes, and podcasting. 

The site was birthed after participating, using my personal page, in countless “challenges” presented by other writers in the blogosphere. Whether responding to the call of creating a prompted story with a particular number of words or sentences or writing a piece of poetry based on a given topic, I realized all of my products were locked into a fight of some kind; therefore, I decided to continue these “challenges”—along with some of my own fiction and other articles—with a site specific to MMA and stories, hence MMA Storytime. 

The social media side of things allows for the laughs I held caged inside my skull to be shared with others; additionally, there are numerous people I enjoy within the MMA community, and a podcast provides a platform for discussing the sport we can’t get enough of.

I’d love for you, and anyone else interested, to join me, one wild journey after another, on the MMA Storytime train. At the bottom of‘s home page, there is a button that allows you to follow along, or if you’re not a WordPress user—and not interested in creating an account—I can easily add you as a follower via your email.

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