About Me

Sometimes I think human beings learn to harden like concrete.

-Donald Murray-

As a teacher, I prefer to speak with a level of authority, instead of authoritatively, on topics. I realized, after countless writing lessons with my students, the act of completing the writing process, publishing for a specific audience, remained elusive. Mixed martial arts offered me the opportunity to cage this missing piece.

Knowing our writing will have an audience (and be heard) influences our motivation to write.

-Jeff Anderson-

Outside of lesson plans and the four walls housing several super heavyweights worth of children, MMA captivates my attention. No matter the promotion, matchup, or rankings, a level of intrigue ignites passion when two corners collide in the center of the canvas, creating the most explosive fireworks in sports. There was no way I was alone with these intense feelings—I couldn’t be. This is what I told myself before my fingers hit the keyboard, and the thoughts that normally hibernated behind the screen of my laptop appeared in cyberspace for fight fans to spear and, hopefully, enjoy.

There is only one trait that marks the writer. He is always watching.

-Morley Callaghan-

Hope we connect!

5 thoughts

  1. Hey Dave! Pleasure to meet you. I’ll attempt to be as unredundant as possible! I’d hate to be the cause of any sneezing or itchy, watery eyes. Oh! Not to mention hives. *cringe* So, if I didn’t already say it, pleasure to meet you. heh heh 🙂

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